Program chart comparison

Chart Comparison

Check out the chart below to see a comparison of our different program offerings. Most of our programs have overlapping age groups. For example, a 8U player could play URL soccer or Academy soccer. Each program has a different commitment level and different offerings (coaching, in Oshkosh versus travel, etc.) so check out the chart below to get a better idea of the experience each program includes. If you have any quesitons about Oshkosh United or which program may be best for your child do not hesitate to reach out to our Director of Coaching, Matt Callahan, at 

  United Rec League (URL) Academy Select
Short Description


Developmentally appropriate program for beginning soccer players. 


Bridge between Rec and Select soccer. A great youth program for players looking for an additional challenge. Traveling soccer program for players looking for excellent coaching in the Fox Valley area. 
Age Groups

6U and 8U

  • 6U includes 5U and 8U includes 7U

8U, 9U and 10U

  • 8U includes 7U

11U and up

  • 10U players can join 11U teams. 
  • 9U players looking for the most competitive experience can join the Select program. In most cases the Academy program would be recommended. 

Volunteer parent coaches that have attended a beginning coaching course offered by the WI Youth Soccer Association. All coaches follow an Oshkosh United provided curriculum. 

Paid parent coaches that typically have a soccer playing background or previous coaching experience. All coaches follow an Oshkosh United provided curriculum and have attended WI Youth Soccer Association coaching education training.  Paid coaches that have a strong playing background. Many of our Select coaches have coaching licenses that exceed the state minimum. We have Select coaches in the WI Soccer Hall of Fame and multiple coaches that have won WI Youth Soccer "Coach of the Year" honors. The coaches are selected and trained by our coaching directors. A club skill development curriculum is provided. 


Both programs start in early May and end at the end of June. 

Fall and Spring

Players can elect to play in one or both seasons.

Fall and Spring

Tryouts are for the Spring season. Players interested in playing fall have that as an option as well. 

Time Commitment

6U plays on Thursday nights. Part of the time is spent practicing and part of the time is spent playing games. 

8U has Monday practices and Wednesday games. 

The Academy program has practice on Monday and Wednesday evenings and games on Saturday mornings.  Select teams have two practices per week and one game per week. Practice days are selected by the coach. Game days are determined by the league. Specific game days are available on the Select page. 
Tournament Play 8U has an optional Jamboree (multiple games against other local teams) in early July


Academy teams participate in one fall tournament (Neenah) and one spring tournament (Oshkosh). 


Select teams participate in one fall tournament and three spring tournaments (one is the Oshkosh tournament, typically another is local in the Fox Valley as well, the third may be a Fox Valley tournament or perhaps a tournament in the Madison/Milwaukee area). 

Travel No Yes - Neenah to Green Bay Yes - Neenah to Green Bay
Tryout Needed No - open registration  No - open registration Yes - tryouts start in June

6U = $60

8U = $75

Registration fee = $50

Uniform fee for 1st time players: $25

Fall Season = $50 for 8U and $85 for 9U/10U

Spring Season = $65 for 8U and $65 for 9U/10U

Tournament entry fees included in price

Registration fee = $125 ($75 for 18U and 19U teams)

Fall and spring fee = Varies based upon the age group and level of play. Check out this link for more information.